Hello from 2018!

by Jordan McKenzie

Hello church blog readers!

So it’s been a while since we’ve talked…

But now’s a perfect time to reconnect, as the holidays are over, most of us are already on our new year’s diets, and spring weather is back (oh wait, did someone say something about a snow storm?)… so anyway… what’s on my mind? Well I’m thinking about the year ahead for Belmont United Methodist Church.

As we all know, last year was a busy year for our church. Between transitioning to a new service, finalizing some financial changes, moving our food pantry, completing our revitalization project, hosting new churches in our space, and adding a new music director, it was a jammed-packed year! In fact, because of some of the exciting things that took place, just yesterday the West Ohio Conference of United Methodist Churches filmed a video about what’s happening at Belmont, as a few members shared how our congregation continues to make new and growing disciples for Jesus Christ in this community and beyond.

As I think about this, I’m energized by so many of the things that are happening at Belmont. As the old hymn goes, Great Things He Hath Done! God truly has done great things in the life of our church! As He has done for so many decades, God is using the people on South Smithville Road to truly make a difference in fresh and unexpected ways.

Yet the truth is that this is the time that churches can be most vulnerable. When a church begins to see God working in new ways and sees the fruits of its labor come to fruition, that’s when it’s easy to grow weary. In this time, churches often get complacent because they taste success or they get worn out because of the hard work it took to get there. Either way, it’s a vulnerable place to be.

That’s why prayer, scripture, and worship have to be the backbone of any true church growth. Without the inner transformation and restoration that comes from God, we will get complacent or burnt out. We need God’s spirit to fill us afresh. We need God’s spirit to fill us with a vision for what God wants to do through us. We need God’s spirit to fill us with the strength and willingness to actually be the people God’s wants us to be. And that’ why our church’s theme this year is Living Boldly for Jesus.

This year our goal is to think about what it means to live boldly for Jesus. What does it mean to live boldly for Jesus in our community and country today, both as individuals and as a church?

If you join us this year, you might just find out.

So if you’re willing, I’d invite you to join me in going on this journey this year, as we look to live boldly. And as we look forward to this year, always remember these words:

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31




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