Quick Thoughts on the Royal Wedding & Faith

So I watched some of the royal wedding this past Saturday. I’m not someone who is usually glued to the TV watching these sorts of events, but I found myself surprisingly interested this time around. I had some scattered thoughts jump through my head on Saturday and thought I’d share those that had to do with faith.

I’m not going to offer any thoughts on the fashion choices (except to say I wish I had one of those hats to wear that the ladies had; that would come in handy for children’s sermons or as part of my wacky outfits!) So if you want more opinions on the fashion or decor or celebrities at the wedding then you could look… well… just about anywhere else for that.  (I wonder how many  thousands of articles and blogs have been written over the last three days on the wedding?) Anyway… here are my very unorganized and very quick thoughts…

-I admired the liturgy, scripture, and Anglican prayers that surrounded the wedding ceremony for a nation’s royalty. It’s a great reminder for we Americans (who often view religion as something we keep to ourselves) that our faith is not supposed to be kept private. Our faith is a public faith. It should inform everything we do, both in our how we live our personal lives and how we live in society.

-I thought Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, was a perfect choice to give the sermon. With an American bride who is half-black, it was excellent to have a bishop who American and is also black give the sermon. And what a sermon it was. It was definitely different than the prim and proper sermons usually given. As the first African-American to deliver a sermon at a royal wedding, he gave a distinctly different voice to the occasion. It’s a great reminder for all of us in the Church that we always need to be open to new voices that haven’t been heard before, especially those that have been kept silent in the past.

-It was amazing to see how many people came out to support the royal family. Not only were there all of the guests at the Cathedral (which supposedly sits 800) and guests at two separate receptions (I’d love to taste the food and cake they had there!), but there were thousands of people lining the streets to get a glimpse of the royal couple and cheer them on. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that much support and encouragement behind you. But I do know that it reminds me that for any marriage to be successful, it takes a village. The same goes for raising a family. In fact, the same goes for anything we do. Anything worth doing requires the serious love and support of others, just like the kind the royals have.

-While there was a lot of hype and hoopla surrounding the royal couple, God cares about every couple that gets married. No couple should think that their marriage is not important. No couple should think that God isn’t working in their midst as God is doing for the royal couple. No, God cares about all of our marriages. In fact, if you look at who Jesus cared about and spent his time with, perhaps God cares less about the royal family and more about all those marriages that are broken, failing, or forgotten.

-Lastly, as Bishop Curry said, it’s about love. Marriage is about love, but so is everything we do. As the Apostle Paul said, if we speak in tongues of angels, if we can move mountains with our faith, if we sell everything we have, but don’t have love, it’s worthless. A marriage without love is doomed to fail. Likewise, a faith without love is fruitless. Love is truly the greatest commandment.

Congratulations and best of luck to the royal couple! May God bless both of you and your marriage!




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